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high voltage special bonding

link boxes for high voltage cable systems

ecs is the UK Distributor for EMELEC Link Boxes for High Voltage Cable Systems

Link Boxes are used in conjunction with power cable accessories incorporating a sheath break to eliminate or reduce the sheath circulating currents in specially bonded systems.

ecs can supply a complete range of Link Boxes to meet the requirements of Engineering Recommendation C55/4. The Link Boxes are IP66 or IP68 rated for wall mounting or direct burial.

high voltage link boxes

A full set of Type Tests have been completed by the IPH Laboratory in Berlin including:

  • Internal Power Arc 40kA/0.1 second
  • Short Circuit 50kA/1.0 second
  • Lightning Impulse 40(60)kVp
  • DC Withstand 25kV/5 minute

ecs can separately supply Sheath Voltage Limiters to suit the cable system bonding arrangement as well as normal and concentric bonding lead for connection between the Link Box and the cable accessory.

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