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Since the 1930s, the oil filled cable has been used to construct high voltage power cable networks across the world. As new technology, such as XLPE cable, is used to upgrade and reinforce the ageing oil filled cable systems, the question of how to deal with the redundant oil filled cable needs to be addressed.

Oil Filled Cable Recovery Service

Elmeridge Cable Services has 10 years of experience in developing techniques for the efficient removal of the oil from the cable system leaving an inert, yet valuable, asset buried in the ground.

In parallel, Let's Go Green Ltd has developed extensive expertise over 10 years in an innovative technique to recover redundant copper conductor telecoms cables.

Using the specialist techniques developed by both companies, a complete "no-dig" cable recovery solution can be provided to electricity network operators and owners. The cable oil and the internal components of the cable design are fully recovered and disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Much of the recovered material can be sold on into the recycling industry. The objective is to return as much as possible of the value of the redundant oil filled cable to the customer, making this a net positive revenue stream for them.

An added benefit is that on the completion of the works, there is a duct available for the installation of a new power cable or telecommunications network, a highly valuable asset in modern congested city streets.

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