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cable flushing service

CableCLEAN oil removal

Elmeridge Cable Services offers a service for the removal of oil from redundant high voltage oil filled cable systems.

The patented technique involves the flushing out the free oil in the system using a specially formulated, inert compound - hydrogel.

Oil Filled Cable Accessories

The hydrogel permeates the paper insulation of the oil filled cable and extracts the oil bound in this construction. At the end of the process of cable flushing up to 95% of the theoretical oil volume in the system will have been removed. The recovered mixture of flushing agent and oil quickly separates in settling tanks into waste oil and the hydrogel compound. The waste oil is disposed of in the normal way and the hydrogel recovered for future flushing.

As an additional precaution, a catalyst can be added to the system that turns the hydrogel into a solid rubber mass thereby entrapping any remaining oil in the system.

Elmeridge Cable Services can provide a complete service for cable flushing, including provision for disposal of the waste oil.


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