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cost-effective sheath testing & fault location

However well High and Medium Voltage cables are installed and tested, it is inevitable that over time some faults will occur to either the external cable sheath or the primary insulation.

Whether it is the result of an inherent unidentified weakness, an external intervention, or merely age, the outcome is likely to be the same - a failure which is inconvenient to consumers, and expensive for the network operator, in terms both of monetary cost and public and regulatory perception.

High & Medium Voltage Sheath Testing & Fault Location

When a failure occurs on a circuit, or when one appears imminent, it is critical to identify swiftly and accurately the extent and nature of the problem. To do this, ecs utilises its team of highly-trained engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Having analysed the situation, those same engineers use precision equipment to identify precisely where on the circuit the problem exists. This can be done with a high degree of accuracy, enabling a rapid repair to take place with minimum surface interference.

In some situations network operators may have their own resources available to rectify the fault quickly. Alternatively, the ecs engineers already on site can proceed to make the necessary repairs, using cable and accessories which are held in stock, to provide a seamless service.

All networks have potentially vulnerable circuits, and the ecs sheath testing and fault location service can be a highly cost-effective part of any maintenance programme, to identify and rectify weaknesses at the earliest possible stage.


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