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leak location service

Elmeridge Cable Services offers a service for the location of leaks from oil filled cable systems using a PFT leak location system.

This highly successful process doses the oil filled cable system with an inert PFT tracer material. The PFT is introduced into the oil filled cable in concentrations of a few parts per million and is allowed to leech out of the cable at the leak location.

Once the PFT is released into the atmosphere it is detected using highly sensitive analysis equipment that can detect concentrations of PFT of a few parts per quadrillion. The location of the leak can therefore be accurately determined in a single pass usually to within a few metres without the need for traditional freeze holes and associated excavations.

PFT leak location offers the following advantages for the rapid and accurate location of leaks on oil filled cable systems:

  • Inert PFT tracer material introduced into the oil filled cable system, the circuit can remain in service while the leak location is being conducted
  • No requirement for freeze hole excavations
  • If the there is more than one leak on the circuit these will all be found in a single operation
  • First time accuracy of location to within a few metres, only one excavation required
  • Once repaired the circuit remains dosed with PFT allowing even faster location of future leaks

Once the leak has been identified Elmeridge Cable Services can provide a full repair service including the provision of civil works, repair materials and cable jointing.


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