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HV Cable Fault Location & Repair

Faults on HV Distribution Cable Systems can be very costly, in terms of direct expense, health and safety, and customer dissatisfaction. Appropriate remedial action is therefore vital at the earliest opportunity.

Over a number of years, ecs has been called in to rectify many faults in a wide variety of situations, from 33kV to 132kV, on and off-shore, involving both XLPE and fluid-filled cables.

The nature of these assignments has varied greatly, with some failures occurring in very hostile environments and inaccessible locations. Unusual designs of original cables and accessories, and their methods of installation, have also presented some interesting challenges!

High Voltage Cable Faults

Solving these problems in all parts of the world has enabled ecs to develop an unrivalled body of knowledge and skills, which is recognised globally by system managers. They know that by calling in ecs experts, their difficulties can be resolved quickly, reliably and cost-effectively... a proven, integrated service.

Dealing with faults falls into 3 distinct phases:

  • Locating the fault
    Sometimes this is obvious and straightforward. At other times, however, very specialist expertise and equipment is needed. It can be both time-consuming and dangerous for even the most competent system engineers to try to locate faults without access to these essentials. ecs have the people, the technology and the track record to locate faults quickly and safely, with minimal impact on the overall system. This includes the most complex multiple-fault situations, on and off-shore: click here to view some of our Case Studies
  • Identifying the right solution
    When a fault has been located, it is tempting for system managers to try to rectify it with whatever accessories, materials and equipment are readily to hand, and based on limited knowledge. This can lead to inappropriate decisions being taken, resulting in further problems - both short and long term. ecs has the necessary resources: everything that is needed to implement the right solution is either in stock, or rapidly available from its wide range of global supply partners.
  • Fixing the problem
    Essential to implementing the right solution are people with extensive appropriate experience. Additional problems and hazards can be caused by diligent system engineers working beyond the limits of their knowledge and background. ecs has the people to fix the problem - to implement the right solution in the right way. When necessary, they can be on site at very short notice, with all that they need to restore normal operation.

If a fault occurs on a system for which you are responsible, do not delay... time is money, time is inconvenience, time is danger! Contact ecs and the full range of proven expertise will be rapidly available to you.


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