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138kV three core oil filled subsea cable repair

ecs were contacted by Maritime Electric of Prince Edward Island, Canada, for assistance on the location of an oil leak and repair of a 138kV three core oil filled cable.

The cable was originally installed in 1978 and comprises two short sections on land and a 21km length of subsea cable connecting New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. The cable forms a critical connection to the Island for the supply of power from the mainland.

High Voltage Cable Installation in Canada

Elmeridge Cable Services employed the PFT Leak Location technique to identify a leak at a joint position between the subsea and the land cable at the New Brunswick landing. Unfortunately this was determined as not the only leak on the system. A second leak was identified approximately 2km offshore from Prince Edward Island.

ecs mobilised a jointing team and all the necessary plant and equipment to make a repair on the land cable joint and to then move to a barge offshore to cut out the leaking section and replace it with two new joints and a repair length of cable.

High voltage commissioning tests were completed on the circuit before re-energisation. The works were completed to the satisfaction of the customer by the end of July 2012.

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