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CPI3 - Inner Cone Plug for MV Applications

In an ever-changing market, where innovation is vital, but may feel slow, the availability of a new product can be a revelation. As part of ECS's close working relationships with its key supply partners, the discovery of the CPI 3 Plug In Connector for Switchgear with bushing Type 3, has proved to be quite that!

Used for many years in areas such as Germany, Australia, China and the Middle East, the CPI 3 Plug In Connector is a hidden gem that ECS has been introducing into the UK market recently and has secured approval from UK DNOs.

Allow us therefore to introduce you to the CPI 3 Plug In Connector or "Inner Cone" cable connector.

CPI3 inner cone plug for mv applications The CPI 3 Plug In Connector is a "three part" assembly that accommodates all 50 - 630sqmm conductor sizes and comprises:

  • A Universal Silicone Rubber Connector Body
  • Range taking Shear-bolt Connector (choice of only four to cover 50 - 630sqmm)
  • Range taking Stress Cone (again, a choice of just four to cover 50 - 630sqmm)


  • The range taking ability avoids the need for any size sensitive or long lead items to suit specific cable dimensions
  • Greater flexibility on site and the opportunity to hold items in stock to suit a selection of cable sizes
  • Fast assembly time, with just 3 cold fit components
  • No special assembly or plug in tools required
  • Rotating fixing plate for easy alignment to equipment
  • Minimal training and familiarisation
  • Fire Retardant properties
  • Sheath testing ability without dismantling of connector
  • Fully type tested and long service history
  • Short factory lead time
  • Variants available for 12 and 24kV applications
  • An additional shear-bolt connector for 800sqmm Solid conductor

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