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high voltage cable accessories

fully engineered solutions

Elmeridge Cable Services provides a complete range of high voltage cable accessories for XLPE, oil filled and gas filled cable systems.

The jointing of high voltage power cables is a critical part of the cable system design. The highly experienced ecs team of cable design engineers ensures that a fully engineered solution is provided to meet customer requirements, including all the ancillary equipment.

Existing Fluid Filled Cable Systems require regular monitoring and maintenance - ecs offers all the services necessary to assist in the maintenance of your system and a fast response in the event of a fault or repair situation:

Cable accessories for 33kV, 66kV and 132kV cable include:

  • Premoulded XLPE cable straight joints
  • Vulcanised In Situ (VIS) XLPE straight joints
  • XLPE cable terminations (composite and porcelain outdoor type and GIS Switchgear termination)
  • Oil filled cable straight joints
  • XLPE to oil filled cable transition joints
  • XLPE to gas filled cable transition joints

A team of qualified high voltage cable jointers is available to install the accessories and provide support for the associated hydraulic systems on oil filled cables and ancillary gas equipment on nitrogen filled cable systems.

high voltage cable accessories

If you would like more information about any of these topics, or to discuss your own plans and requirements in more detail, please contact us today.


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